Belly Bump and Ultrasound Photos

Ultrasound Photos

12 Weeks at the NT Scan!

20 Weeks 3 days at the Anatomy Scan!

The money shot! She's a girl!!

31 Week 4D Ultrasound pictures! She was smiling, sticking out her tongue, sucking on her ankles (yes, her ankles!) and poking her eyes out with her toes. *Melts*

Belly Bump Photos - starting at 14 weeks

14 Weeks! Second trimester!

15 Weeks!

17 Weeks!

20 Weeks! Half way there!

22 Weeks!

24 Weeks! Happy "viability week"!

26 Weeks!

27 Weeks! Hello third trimester!

28 Weeks!

31 Weeks!

33 Weeks!

36 Weeks!

37 Weeks! Yay for full term!

PS - Don't mind some of the facial expressions in some of them. I was just focused on getting a good belly shot.

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