Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Pissed My Pants (03/31/11)

*Waddles into bedroom to change pants*
Ian: You smell good baby.
Me: Thanks. I threw up and pissed my pants. Maybe that's what you smell.
*Changes pants*
Ian: Awww! Are you ok baby?
Me: Ugh! Do I look like I'm ok?
*Walks away while pouting*

Oh the joys of being pregnant.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I Crashed My Car While Throwing Up(03/29/11)

I'm having a bit of a rough day today as far as M/S goes. I was able to eat half of an english muffin with a teeny tiny bit of peanut butter for breakfast - gagging the whole way of course. I slowly ate the other half once I got to work. After that was digested I drank some water and a few saltines because I was getting hungry again.

Lunch time rolled around and I decided that I was going to take a ride to Burger King because I'm craving nuggets and fries with ketchup. I get to my car and immediately started to gag once I turned the car on and put it in gear to drive away. One gag after another and I finally threw up in my mouth. I quickly opened my door to spit it out and as I did that my car rolled (I drive a stick shift) into a parking lot light pole. 'FML' I thought. Can today get any worse? I continue to throw up as people were walking by asking me if I'm ok and if I needed anything. "I'm ok. Just leave me alone!" was my reply to everyone that asked. Rude? Yes. But when I'm throwing up I just want to be left alone. I just need to let it out and I'll be fine. I rinse my mouth out and get my tired, stanky- breath ass back into the office to pout and eat some more saltines and drink more water. I still want some nuggets and fries! What's wrong with me?

I didn't even check out my car to see what damage was done. It shouldn't be too bad...I only rolled into the pole. At that point I didn't care about the damage. I threw up, I'm shaking, I'm cold, I'm tired even though I got a good 7 hours of sleep last night and I feel like a whale. I'm so sick and tired of being sick and tired.

[starts sarcasm]Tomorrow I go in for my prenatal pap smear and I can't hardly wait![/ends sarcasm] I freakin' hate pap smears. I'm especially not fond of getting one done while feeling so shitty. How about I go to sleep and some one wake me up when November rolls around. That sounds like a great idea!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Breakfast (03/28/11)

[starts sarcasm]Happy Monday everyone![/ends sarcasm] I decided to give Honey Bunches o' Oats w/ Peaches a go this morning for breakfast. I sat on the couch eating my cereal while watching FOX morning ritual. I ate it nice a slow because my M/S is horrible in the morning usually gagging all the way through breakfast. When I was just about finished I thought to myself 'Wow! I'm doing great this morning!' Well right after that I gagged followed by throwing up in what's left of my cereal...on the couch. I made my way over to the bathroom and finished my business there. I then packed some dry cheerios in a snack bag and went on my way to work.

My boss asked me why I was late. I'm not normally a minute late so she knew something was up. "I'm pregnant and I'm having a horrible case of M/S right now. Escuse me." I ran to the bathroom again to throw up. I rinsed my mouth out and went to her office to apologize. She laughed and said "Oh! That explains all the ginger ale and saltines you've been eating lately. I hope you feel better. If you're having a bad morning again just give me a call and I'll cover you." I feel so much better telling her because I don't feel like I have to hide it anymore. I found that she's also giving more work to my co-worker to give me a little bit of a "break".

Friday, March 25, 2011

You Know You're Pregnant When... (03/25/11)

So I read something similar to this on a blog that I follow so I decided to do a post too. You know you're pregnant when:
- You pee every hour on the hour
- You seem more irritated than usual
- You gag while you brush your teeth
- You call your OBGYN office for EVERYTHING
- You crave things that you don't normally eat
- You can call it a night at 11:30 in the morning
- You gag at the thought of certain smells or foods
- You have a sense of smell when you normally don't
- You're constipated and get excited over every BM you have
- You want to just juno-chop someone for absolutely no reason
- You cry because someone parked where you normally park at work
- You worry about every cramp, pinching sensation or numb feeling in your body
- You're afraid of eating certain things because you don't feel like throwing up
- You can't eat a certain food because it makes you sick when you use to eat it daily
- You gag while trying to drink water (How are we suppose to drink 8-10 glasses a day?)
- You feel a "gush" down there and run to the bathroom to see if you're bleeding only to find out it is discharge
- You have a sleeve of saltines in your desk drawer, in your car, in your purse and on your night stand at all times

There are a ton more but those are just a few off the top of my head. Am I right, or am I right ladies?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

M/S - I Hate You! (03/24/11)

Man, just when I thought my M/S has left for good it comes back to bite me in the ass. I had pierogies and corn for dinner lastnight and after that I had the worst heartburn ever. I watched my shows and showered to get ready to go to bed. Well while I was in the shower I started gagging and dry heaving. Awesome! I got out of the shower and barely dried myself off so I can get dressed and get some yogurt. I felt a bit better after the yogurt but still a pretty yucky.

I woke up this morning gagging. I attempted to brush my teeth and immediately started to dry heave. I spit out the tooth paste before I could even finish brushing my teeth. I finished getting ready and threw in some plain waffles in the toaster for can only have buttered toast so many times. I had one bite and started to dry heave. Wonderful. I was already running late so I threw what I didn't eat in a sandwich bag and snacked on them all morning until lunch time.

What's my point of this blog post? I f*cking hate m/s. Of course when I'm at my worst people just can't seem to leave me alone. I just want to throw up on anyone that trys to talk to me today. I hope and pray that it'll go away in a few weeks when I'm done with 1st tri. I have to keep reminding myself that it'll all be worth it when I'm holding that perfect healthy baby boy/girl in my arms in November.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Update (03/23/11)

I figured I might as well do a quick update while things are slow at work. So DH and I went for our first U/S on Thursday, the 17th of March, the day before my birthday. I go to check-in for my appointment and realize I left my script at home. I blame it on the pregnancy brain. I sent DH home to grab it while I stayed at the Doctor's office to fill out paperwork and what not. DH texts me on his way back to tell me he got pulled over for illegal passing (but he did it to prevent an accident because some teenage idiots cut him off)...just our luck. Thankfully, he made it back just in time with the script.

We were called so we go back into the room. I lay down and she starts performing the U/S. She said "I'll do my 'thing' for the Doctor then I'll turn the monitor around so you can see." It felt like she was doing her 'thing' 30 minutes but it was probably only a minute or so. She turned that monitor around and there was my little bean with a strong flickering heartbeat. My heart melted to a little puddle on the floor. And just like that my appointment was over but all I wanted to do was just lay there and stare at that monitor. She told me she was going to print me a picture and I'll hear results from my Doctor in a few days. I thought to myself 'What results? I just saw the heartbeat and everything looks good.' I was sent on my way home.

After trying to contact my OBGYN office all yesterday morning I was told that the nurse will call me when she gets the chance. My phone rang at 2:30 and my heart dropped once I realized it was the Doctors office. She said everything looks good, which I knew but there's alway that slight worry. I measured 6w2d when I was 6w6d but she didn't seem worried at all and that was normal. The pregnancy does seem viable with a 131 BPM rate. Yay! You couldn't do anything to wipe the smile off my face at that point.

As far as symptoms right now...I feel ok. My boobs aren't as sore. It's more my right boob that is sore and my left is normal. They're definitely fuller. My M/S seems to be under control but not completely gone. I do gag through out the day at the thought of certain foods or smells. Lastly, I'm so exhausted. If I could sleep until November and get away with it I most definitely would. I think I need to invest in a body pillow for extra comfort at night. I tend to toss and turn trying to get confortable which leads to spending more time getting comfortable than actually sleeping. Other than that no throwing up lately, no runny nose, no cramps, no backaches - nothing.

One last reminder - "Today I'm pregnant and I love my baby."

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Morning Sickness (03/17/11)

I absolutely hate myself for "wishing" I'd have morning sickness to "feel" pregnant. That must be my biggest mistake to date. This morning I woke up at 5:45 to get ready for work. I did my usual use to bathroom, brush my teeth, wash my face and straighten my hair. I then got dressed and the queasyness hit me like a ton of bricks. I was dry heaving and gagging like no other. I was able to finish getting dressed and get downstairs to eat a few saltines and drink some water. I was able to keep those down so I switched to lightly buttered toast. Well after two bites I ran for the bathroom to throw up. It never fails. No matter what I do in the morning I'm running in that bathroom to throw up. I pray to God that I wont suffer from morning sickness through out the whole pregnancy (like a few of my friends have) otherwise my weight will drop significantly.

Although I'm throwing up only in the morning I still feel really queasy through out the day. I have a few tips and tricks to help me get through the day with out running for the bathroom.
- Eat 5 to 6 small meals
- Chew sugar-free mint gum
- Snacking on sour candies & pickles
- Carbs are my best friends right now (rice, pasta, bread, potatoes, etc.)
- Lots of water helps keep the nausea at bay (try squeezing the juice of a lemon, lime or orange for added flavor)
- Keeping a sleeve of saltines in my purse just incase that moment of nausea hits I can snack on a few crackers to kick that feeling

As of today I'm 6w6d and I go in for my first U/S at 4:30 and I'm so nervous that I can't stop shaking. I'm absolutely terrified that they'll find an empty sac or see no heart beat. Or what if they find twins in there? That's about equally terrifying. "Today I'm pregnant and I love my baby." I was told that I have to drink 32oz. of water 45mins. prior to my U/S appointment too and I can't use the ladies room until the U/S is over with. What if I pee right on that table?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Holy Hormones, Batman (03/16/11)

Lately I've been one sobbing mess. I was watching a My Fair Wedding marathon and I cried. Hard. I didn't even get teary during my own wedding. I watched Saved by the Bell this morning as I was eating my breakfast and I cried. Hard. I must have seen every episode 100+ times. No lie. I was listening to Boom Boom Pow by the Black Eyed Peas this morning on my way to work and I cried. Hard. WTF is wrong with me?! Oh thats right. Hormones!

What am I currently craving? Grilled cheese, pickles and a huge stinkin' salad with a ton of dressing. Oh yeah, and my Mom's homemade mac n' cheese. She makes the best mac n' cheese. I think I might ask her for the recipe and make it myself. I also wouldn't mind some corned beef and cabbage since tomorrow is St. Pattys Day. Yup, I'm a fatty. Leave me alone.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Baby Doesn't Like... (03/15/11)

So far is seems like the baby doesn't like anything I eat. It seems like everything I eat I'm in the bathroom right afterwards dry-heaving. This morning I had my first encounter of throwing up though. I made myself a nice bowl of cheerios and a handful of blueberries. I took 2 bites and ran to the bathroom and threw up. I was told by a few people "You will throw up. Just eat normally and accept it." With that advice on my mind I tried to continue to eat my cheerios and blueberries but after 2 bites I threw up again. After that I switched to saltine crackers for breakfast. I just can't run to the bathroom every few bites to throw up. I don't have it in me.

As far as my current symptoms:
- M/S
- Bloated
- Sore boobs
- Exhaustion
- Mild cramping
- Lower backache
- Stuffy/Runny nose

The symptoms aren't that bad except for this M/S. I feel miserable. At one point I actually wished to have M/S so I'd "feel" pregnant...well I totally take that back now. I wouldn't wish M/S on anybody. Cheers to my beautiful fellow pregnant friends!

Friday, March 11, 2011

1st Doctors Appointment (03/11/11)

So yesterday was my first prenatal doctors appointment. They did basic stuff...weigh me, take my blood pressure, ask me questions about my health, give me a script for some blood work and answered some questions I had. They also gave me a huge bag of goodies filled with baby magazines, another script for blood work (if needed), a pee cup, a pregnancy journal, coupons coupons and more coupons, brochures, etc.

Once I met the doctor I asked him if I can continue to take my asthma medications as needed and he said he'd rather have my asthma under control than gasping for air and suffocating the baby. Makes sense I just wanted to make sure it wasn't harmful to the baby. I also asked him for tips and tricks on M/S and he said small meals through out the day and try eating lots and lots of carbs (breads, pastas, rice, etc.) and it helps keep the M/S at bay. I asked about two conditions my Mom had when she was pregnant with my brother called Preeclampsia Toxemia and Placenta Previa but the doctor said it shouldn't effect my pregnancies. ::wipes forehead::

After the doctors office I went straight to the facility to get my blood drawn since I had the rest of the day off from work. They took 7 vials of blood and I nearly passed out. I'm lucky if I can handle 1 but I some how managed to keep it together. After that they asked me to PIAC and I was on my way.

First thing this morning I got a phone call from the doctors office telling me that my blood work came back great. They also told me that I'm ready for an ultrasound since my hGC level was above 6,000! It's all becoming so surreal to me. Am I really actually pregnant?! Come on November 4th!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Nervous, nervous, nervous! (03/10/11)

So today I'm leaving work at noon, grabbing a quick bite to eat then DH and I are headed to our first prenatal appointment! And boy am I nervous. It is supposed to be just a quick visit. I'll be getting some blood drawn and meeting one of my 6 doctors and asking any questions I might have.

I have 2 confessions to make. This morning I took another HPT this morning to make sure I'm pregnant. Wouldn't you know the test line was way darker than the control line. I didn't want to go get a blood test then have it come back negative and DH and I be crushed or shocked. The other confession is I was up until 10PM lastnight writing questions down that I want to ask my doctor. Wish us luck today!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spotting & M/S (03/09/11)

Spotting. Oh jesus. I know spotting can mean nothing but when a pregnant woman sees spotting when she wipes or notices a bit on her panties she immediately panics. Well guess what. I've been spotting since Sunday. I noticed my first bit of spotting on my panties. It looked like tinged light brown creamy CM on my panties. I wiped and there was a little bit the TP.

I woke up last night at around midnight due to lower back pain, sore boobs and slight cramping. I got up to try and go to the bathroom. Turned out that I had a BM as well as pee. I wiped and noticed some clumpy brown spotting on the TP. Now I've read that brown spotting is normal during pregnancy, it's bright red blood or saturating a liner is what's not normal. I called my OBGYN to confirm this was normal today during my lunch break and the nurse confirmed that it's normal. I might request an U/S during my first doctors visit tomorrow just for that piece of mind that everything is normal and pregressing the way it should be. It just worries me that I've been spotting for 4 days now. ::shrugs::

I was hit with my first streak of M/S this morning. I tried drinking water and I gagged. I tried taking my prenatal vitamin and I gagged. I tried eating toast with a very small amount of peanut butter and I started dry heaving. How attractive, right? So far snacking on crackers through out the day has helped. Right now I'm chewing mint gum and I can handle it. Anyone have any tricks to M/S?

Monday, March 7, 2011

We're Pregnant! (03/07/11)

Hello everyone. So this is my new pregnancy and post-pregnancy blog. I'll be talking about my pregnancy and doctors appointments and so fourth here. I'm excited to document my symptoms, cravings, weight gain and all here so I can share it with fellow pregnancy bloggers as well. Heres to being pregnant! ::Raises a glass of ice cold milk::

February 22nd, 2011 was probably one of the best days of our lives. My husband and I found out we were going to be parents. That day my boobs hurt, I was crampy (but a different kind of cramp than the usual from AF), I was tired and I threw up my breakfast. I decided to make a run to the local CVS and pick up a digital HPT. I took the HPT on my lunch break while at work and to my surprise "Pregnant" popped up. I was totally shocked, scared, nervous and anxious all at the same time. I was so excited I couldn't eat my lunch after that! I couldn't wait to get home and tell my husband that we were going to have a baby! I got home and gave him a kiss. I pulled the +HPT out of my purse and just showed it to him with out saying a word. He said "Oh my god! Really? Seriously? Are you serious? For real? When?! Is this a joke?" Needless to say he was excited.

Right now I'm 5 weeks and 3 days. As for current symptoms I'm just extremely tired, slight cramping, my lower back aches and some slight nausea. Other than that I feel great! I'm suppose to get M/S anywhere between week 5 and 8 but may not even get it at all. For now I'm just enjoying being pregnant with no M/S.

So we go for our first prenatal Doctor visit on March 10th for some bloodwork and to answer any questions I might have. On March 30th I go in again for a pelvic exam and an ultrasound. I'm so very nervous but trust in God that things will work out the way they're suppose to. My EDD is November 4th, 2011 (the day after MIL's birthday)... happy belated birthday to her!