Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Room Almost Cleared! (09/27/11)

As you all know, DH and I are moving into a bigger bedroom so we can share our room with the baby. We don't have the space for a nursery. Over the weekend we pretty much cleared out the bigger room. We were originally going to rip up the carpet and put down new flooring but we've changed our minds. As of now, we're looking for a futon to switch our old bedroom into an office/guest bedroom.

Right now we need to purchase a new bed frame, possibly one on wheels. We found a bed frame on wheels at sleepys.com for cheap. It also has brackets to add a headboard of our choice. We also need to get a box spring mattress. We're thinking about this one from sleepys.com.

Before we start moving into the bigger room we want to steam clean the carpets. We have a dog that likes to pee all over the house. *Rolls eyes* Once that's done we'll be moving into that room and we can finally set up the baby's furniture and sort through what we have for the baby already and what we need to get. I actually can't wait finish all of this.

Since I'm an organized/checklist kinda gal, I have a checklist of what needs to be done before the baby arrives. I'm going create a page for it on my blog after I post this blog. Check it out if you want! Have a great week everybody!

PS - I added another recipe to the "Recipes" page. Enjoy!

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