Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's a... (06/21/11)

GIRL! All that worrying I've been doing with the anatomy scan approaching and it was all for nothing. Baby girl has a healthy heart, brain, spine, kidneys, 10 fingers, 10 toes, etc. It was so amazing laying there watching babygirl kick, toss and turn, doing flips and sucking her fists. I had a tear in my eye the whole time. You couldn't wipe the huge grin off my face even if you tried. This Momma and Daddy is on cloud 9. Babygirl has no idea how much she's loved already. We've decided on Sophia for the first name. We'll probably go with Sophia Marie S------ for her full name. Marie is my Mom's middle name and Ian's Grandma's middle name. My MIL wants the middle name to be Michelle kind of after my Dad's french name but I don't think it flows as well as Sophia Marie. We still have time to play with it.

[VENT]There are a handful of people that are bitching and complaining about our name choice because "it doesn't flow with our last name". News flash! Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't DH and I conceive baby? Aren't I going to carry this baby for 40 weeks (getting shots, blood drawn, countless tests done, etc.)? Isn't this our daughter? Aren't I going to give birth to this beautiful precious human being? Aren't DH and I going to nurture, care and love this baby for the rest of our lives? Aren't we entitled to name our child what we want?! A big suck it to them! Her name will be Sophia so stop suggesting other names because you don't like it![/VENT]

After the anatomy scan we headed over to Babies R Us and started our registry. I've said this before and I'll say it again...registering for a wedding is so much easier than registering for a baby. There's so many options, safety precautions, designs, colors, etc. to choose from. DH and I must have took 1 hour to pick out a freakin' bouncer seat (a freakin' bouncer seat for Gods sake!) that met both of our standards and was gender neutral. I get to the travel system aisle and took a deep breath and immediately got a headache just thinking about it. DH suggested that I do more research and wait to add that so that's what I do. I thought we made a good dent in it until I got the checklist on the goodie bag they gave me. I only got about 1/8 of it done. Yikes!

DH started getting light-headed because he was hungry so we went out to Outback for dinner. I had the most delicious steak w/ sauteed mushroom, loaded baked potato and seasonal veggies. It was so dreamy.

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  1. I love Sophia Marie... very pretty. I vote that over Sophia Michelle ;) Congrats on your healthy a/s and the beautiful baby girl your growing :)