Thursday, May 12, 2011

Don't Mess With A Pregnant Woman's Food (05/12/11)

My tummy started rumbling and yelling at me today at 9:00 this morning as if I haven't eaten in days. I had 2 waffles for breakfast for God sakes! Today I decided I wanted a wrap, a small bag of chips and an iced tea for lunch from A&P. I hopped in my car at 11:30 on the dot, which is when my lunch starts. I rushed over to A&P and picked out a ham and cheese in a spinach wrap. I grabbed a small bag of kettle cooked BBQ chips and a snapple iced tea. I also grabbed some freshly cut fruit from the salad bar and figured it would be a great afternoon snack. I paid for my stuff and went to eat my lunch in my car at my work parking lot jamming out to some music on the radio. Ahhh! Finally time to chow down and relax.

I took my first bite of the wrap and it was soggy and grainy like someone threw a handful of sand in there. The cheese had a mayo-like consistancy but rest assured! There was no mayo because I checked the ingredients. Nasty! I said to myself 'Well at least I have those BBQ chips!'. I look in my bag and theres no chips. 'Where the hell are those 'effing chips?!' The cashier never packed the chips in my shopping bag. Ugh! I choked down 1/4 of my soggy grainy wrap and went back to work. Still so hungry I have to pull out my freshly cut fruit salad from the salad bar. The damn watermelon taste like onions. I can't freakin' win. This is offically the.worst.lunch.EVER.

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