Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Miserable (05/3/11)

Hey everyone. I'm such a bad blogger. I sometimes go 4 or 5 days with out blogging. The whole point in the blog was to jot down my symptoms, thoughts, vents, complain, and research through out the pregnancy. After that I want to blog about my life as a wife and a mother. I appologize to all 10 of you followers. Haha!

Saturday I felt completely normal. I didn't feel pregnant at all. Woke up Sunday, Monday and today sick as a dog. I even left work early yesterday feeling miserable. I had to pull over 2 times on my way in to work to throw up on the side of the parkway for God sakes. That combined with a sore throat (from all the throwing up), allergies and a headache I was miserable. I decided to go in to work, open up the building and once my co-worker came in I'd head back home. I went home and passed out for 3.5 hours and felt a bit better but still nauseous.

Today I'm 13w4d and officially out of my 1st trimester. I thought I was suppose to kiss my M/S goodbye and get my energy back. Since I found out I was pregnant I could go back to bed after 3 hours of waking up even if I slept a good 9 hours that night! Talk about pathetic. I want to be able to cook, bake, clean, craft, read, etc. again. All the things I love to do! Right now I have a typical office job. I sit here at my computer for 8 hours so it's not a hard tough labored job. I get home from work at 4:30 and my fat ass changes into some yoga pants, a loose fitted tshirt and lay in bed watching TV. I'll only get up to eat, use the bathroom and shower. How sad!

Now, I have a vent. I have some "friends" who try to make my life a living hell. They're constantly talking about me and spreading these horrible false rumors about me. A pregnant woman shouldn't have to deal with lies, rumors and stress like that. Today I realized that I will now just do me and shrug it off. DH is right. I only have a few more months to deal with their petty high school drama. I'm 27 years old and working on a growing family. I don't want to be anywhere near that crap.

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