Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Braxton Hicks (07/27/11)

Dear braxton hicks,
You suck. That is all.
Yours truly,

I woke up this morning and while getting ready I felt my belly get really tight. I pushed on it and it was rock hard and I felt slightly uncomfortable. After doing some quick research it sounds like BH. I didn't think I'd be getting them this early. Owell.

I tossed and turned last night (as usual) because I couldn't get comfortable. Between my growing belly and my super sore pelivis/hips I'm lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep...I know, I know. Better get use to it...blah, blah, blah. If I hear that one more time I'm going to throat punch someone. I'm perfectly aware that I'll be waking up every 2 hours for feedings, waking up at 4:00AM and what-not. You don't have to remind me. It's just frustrating that any slight movement in the middle of the night and I'm almost in tears from the pelvic/hip pain. I've talked to my OBGYN about it a few times and they don't seem concerned, perhaps they just think I'm milking it, or they're not taking me seriously. They're just passing it off as RLP but I don't think RLP should be this uncomfortable.

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