Thursday, August 18, 2011

1st Trimester AGAIN?! (08/18/11)

As of recently I feel like I can sleep the day away if someone let me. Yesterday I went home from work early due to someone pouring bleach all over the floor to clean them. It wreaked of bleach for a long time and my throat was starting to burn, my eyes were watering and my nose started to run. I went home at about 9:30AM. I rested my eyes for a bit and went to my 11:15AM 28 week appointment with DH. DH and I had lunch at Panera's and I passed out for 3 hours, literally. Woke up and watched a bit of TV. I then had dinner and passed out AGAIN for an hour. I took a shower and went to bed. I slept like a rock last night. Is this what I'm back to? The 1st trimester? I've been in bed and passed out by 8:00 at night now. I have that general "yucky" feeling too. You know...that 'Am I going to throw up?' feeling. Ugh! The baby rolling around, punching and kicking me makes the nausea even worse than it should be.

I'm getting laid off on August 31st due to my building closing and my contract ending. I was going to try and collect unemployment until January and treat that as my maternity leave. Once January comes along I'll start looking for a new job. But while on "maternity leave" before Sophia gets here I wanted to do some nesting and get her space set up. How on earth can I do this when all I have the energy to do is sleep?! Haha!

My 28 week appointment went well. It was the usual turn in your pee cup, check your blood pressure, get weighed, measure your belly growth and listen to heart beat. The nurse talked to me about kick counts. I now have to pick the baby's most active time of day for two hours and must count up to 10 kicks daily. Once I reach 10 kicks I can stop counting. If I don't get 10 kicks I need to call my OBGYN and get a non-invasive stress test done. I was in and out of there in 20 minutes as usual.

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