Friday, March 11, 2011

1st Doctors Appointment (03/11/11)

So yesterday was my first prenatal doctors appointment. They did basic stuff...weigh me, take my blood pressure, ask me questions about my health, give me a script for some blood work and answered some questions I had. They also gave me a huge bag of goodies filled with baby magazines, another script for blood work (if needed), a pee cup, a pregnancy journal, coupons coupons and more coupons, brochures, etc.

Once I met the doctor I asked him if I can continue to take my asthma medications as needed and he said he'd rather have my asthma under control than gasping for air and suffocating the baby. Makes sense I just wanted to make sure it wasn't harmful to the baby. I also asked him for tips and tricks on M/S and he said small meals through out the day and try eating lots and lots of carbs (breads, pastas, rice, etc.) and it helps keep the M/S at bay. I asked about two conditions my Mom had when she was pregnant with my brother called Preeclampsia Toxemia and Placenta Previa but the doctor said it shouldn't effect my pregnancies. ::wipes forehead::

After the doctors office I went straight to the facility to get my blood drawn since I had the rest of the day off from work. They took 7 vials of blood and I nearly passed out. I'm lucky if I can handle 1 but I some how managed to keep it together. After that they asked me to PIAC and I was on my way.

First thing this morning I got a phone call from the doctors office telling me that my blood work came back great. They also told me that I'm ready for an ultrasound since my hGC level was above 6,000! It's all becoming so surreal to me. Am I really actually pregnant?! Come on November 4th!

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