Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Quick Update (03/23/11)

I figured I might as well do a quick update while things are slow at work. So DH and I went for our first U/S on Thursday, the 17th of March, the day before my birthday. I go to check-in for my appointment and realize I left my script at home. I blame it on the pregnancy brain. I sent DH home to grab it while I stayed at the Doctor's office to fill out paperwork and what not. DH texts me on his way back to tell me he got pulled over for illegal passing (but he did it to prevent an accident because some teenage idiots cut him off)...just our luck. Thankfully, he made it back just in time with the script.

We were called so we go back into the room. I lay down and she starts performing the U/S. She said "I'll do my 'thing' for the Doctor then I'll turn the monitor around so you can see." It felt like she was doing her 'thing' 30 minutes but it was probably only a minute or so. She turned that monitor around and there was my little bean with a strong flickering heartbeat. My heart melted to a little puddle on the floor. And just like that my appointment was over but all I wanted to do was just lay there and stare at that monitor. She told me she was going to print me a picture and I'll hear results from my Doctor in a few days. I thought to myself 'What results? I just saw the heartbeat and everything looks good.' I was sent on my way home.

After trying to contact my OBGYN office all yesterday morning I was told that the nurse will call me when she gets the chance. My phone rang at 2:30 and my heart dropped once I realized it was the Doctors office. She said everything looks good, which I knew but there's alway that slight worry. I measured 6w2d when I was 6w6d but she didn't seem worried at all and that was normal. The pregnancy does seem viable with a 131 BPM rate. Yay! You couldn't do anything to wipe the smile off my face at that point.

As far as symptoms right now...I feel ok. My boobs aren't as sore. It's more my right boob that is sore and my left is normal. They're definitely fuller. My M/S seems to be under control but not completely gone. I do gag through out the day at the thought of certain foods or smells. Lastly, I'm so exhausted. If I could sleep until November and get away with it I most definitely would. I think I need to invest in a body pillow for extra comfort at night. I tend to toss and turn trying to get confortable which leads to spending more time getting comfortable than actually sleeping. Other than that no throwing up lately, no runny nose, no cramps, no backaches - nothing.

One last reminder - "Today I'm pregnant and I love my baby."

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