Thursday, March 24, 2011

M/S - I Hate You! (03/24/11)

Man, just when I thought my M/S has left for good it comes back to bite me in the ass. I had pierogies and corn for dinner lastnight and after that I had the worst heartburn ever. I watched my shows and showered to get ready to go to bed. Well while I was in the shower I started gagging and dry heaving. Awesome! I got out of the shower and barely dried myself off so I can get dressed and get some yogurt. I felt a bit better after the yogurt but still a pretty yucky.

I woke up this morning gagging. I attempted to brush my teeth and immediately started to dry heave. I spit out the tooth paste before I could even finish brushing my teeth. I finished getting ready and threw in some plain waffles in the toaster for can only have buttered toast so many times. I had one bite and started to dry heave. Wonderful. I was already running late so I threw what I didn't eat in a sandwich bag and snacked on them all morning until lunch time.

What's my point of this blog post? I f*cking hate m/s. Of course when I'm at my worst people just can't seem to leave me alone. I just want to throw up on anyone that trys to talk to me today. I hope and pray that it'll go away in a few weeks when I'm done with 1st tri. I have to keep reminding myself that it'll all be worth it when I'm holding that perfect healthy baby boy/girl in my arms in November.

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