Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spotting & M/S (03/09/11)

Spotting. Oh jesus. I know spotting can mean nothing but when a pregnant woman sees spotting when she wipes or notices a bit on her panties she immediately panics. Well guess what. I've been spotting since Sunday. I noticed my first bit of spotting on my panties. It looked like tinged light brown creamy CM on my panties. I wiped and there was a little bit the TP.

I woke up last night at around midnight due to lower back pain, sore boobs and slight cramping. I got up to try and go to the bathroom. Turned out that I had a BM as well as pee. I wiped and noticed some clumpy brown spotting on the TP. Now I've read that brown spotting is normal during pregnancy, it's bright red blood or saturating a liner is what's not normal. I called my OBGYN to confirm this was normal today during my lunch break and the nurse confirmed that it's normal. I might request an U/S during my first doctors visit tomorrow just for that piece of mind that everything is normal and pregressing the way it should be. It just worries me that I've been spotting for 4 days now. ::shrugs::

I was hit with my first streak of M/S this morning. I tried drinking water and I gagged. I tried taking my prenatal vitamin and I gagged. I tried eating toast with a very small amount of peanut butter and I started dry heaving. How attractive, right? So far snacking on crackers through out the day has helped. Right now I'm chewing mint gum and I can handle it. Anyone have any tricks to M/S?

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