Friday, April 15, 2011

11 Weeks! (04/15/11)

Today makes me 11 weeks along. The baby is about the size of a lime, 1.6" long and weighs .25 oz! I can't believe I'm 11 weeks aready. That means only 2 weeks and 3 days until I'm officially out of the 1st trimester! It seems like just yesterday I just got home from work and showed DH that digital HPT that read "Pregnant". Hopefully the rest of this pregnancy will fly by. I doubt that will happen once I hit the 3rd trimester though. Only one can hope!

So today I'm taking a long lunch from work and going for my NT scan consultation then I go in for the actual scan next Friday. I'm not going to lie I'm so nervous about that test for a few reasons. One, if the baby actually does have a risk of down syndrome or some other chromosomal abnormalities as well as major heart problems will DH and I be able to handle that? We will not terminate the baby if he/she does but will DH and I be able to handle any life changing abnormalities like that? I have to trust in God that he will not bless us with something we can't handle. I still can't help but be nervous about this test. Two, last week I blogged about not being able to keep anything down and went in to the doctors office for a quick check up and U/S to make sure the baby was ok. Well, it took awhile for the OBGYN to find the heart beat. What if I go to this U/S next week and there wont be a heart beat? I must admit my heart will crumble and I'll cry for days. They say your chances of a M/C goes down to 5% after seeing the heart beat for the first time but what if I fall into that 5%? Yes, that is a very small chance and the odds are against you but you just can't help but worry.

"Today I'm pregnant and I love my baby."

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