Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cramping & Pains (04/20/11)

First and foremost happy birthday, Mom! I know you look at my blog daily to see if I wrote a post so there's a special shout out to you. If I turn out to be half Mom you are I'd be happy. I love you!

I didn't get much rest last night. I kept waking up with cramps and a very low pelvic pain. I'm sure it's just my uterus stretching and my hips getting wider but I plan on calling my doctor on my lunch break. I'm sure everything is fine I just want that piece of mind.

It is only Wednesday and my NT Scan is on Friday. I'm so nervous about that stupid test that it's hard to describe. I'm sure things will work out find. The genetic counselor said I shouldn't have any problems considering we're both young and DH and I are perfectly healthy (minus me having asthma). She didn't seem worried at all. I think I'm more nervous about the baby not having a heat beat and having a missed miscarriage. DH will be with me because he wants to be at every appointment including just getting my blood drawn appointments. I just have to keep reminding myself that my chance of miscarrying is only 5% now because I've already seen the heart beat.

Today I'm pregnant and I love my baby.

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