Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NT Scan (04/27/11)

So on April 22nd I had my NT Scan, which is a non-invasive 2-part (U/S and bloodwork) test to see if your baby has down syndrom or any other abnormalities. I met DH there because we both worked half days that day since I had to go get blood work after the NT Scan. I was really nervous about the test so I was a nervous wreck in that waiting room waiting for my name to be called. I was mostly afraid of the baby not having a heart beat. They called my name and my heart sunk. She told me to lay on the table and pull my pants down slightly so she can perform the U/S. I did a quick scan of the room while I pulled my pants down slightly. I saw a monitor hanging on the wall, cabinets everywhere, the large U/S machine, several chairs for family members, etc. She squirt that jelly on my belly and got started as I stared at that monitor. I saw the heart beat flickering right away! She let me hear the heart beat while the baby was doing back flips in my belly. I glanced over at DH and the look on his face was totally priceless as he watched our LO on that monitor with pride and joy. She got measurements of the neck and said everything looked good. She was trying to get more specific measurements but of course my little touble maker wasn't cooperating. The U/S tech had me fake coughing and switching to my sides and still nothing. At one point it looked like the baby was saluting to Daddy. He was in uniform because he's in the US Air Force. We both had a giggle when we saw that.

She asked me if I'd like to know the sex of the baby and said "YES!" She said if she had to guess it was be a girl. A girl?! I was 99.9% positive it's a boy. I guess we'll find out for sure on June 20th! Weather it's a girl or a boy I'm happy with either as long as it's healthy.

We were then asked to go to the blood work lab in that office to get my blood work part of the test done. They do one of those finger prick tests and squeeze blood out onto some paper. My finger is still tender and it's been 5 days. I know, I'm such a wuss. How on earth am I going to be able to handle labor?

We then were sent off to an office by my house to get more blood work done. My brother has autism so my genetic counselor wanted me to get tested to see if I was a carrier for autism, especially since carriers are mostly in females from what I was informed.

I have a check-up appointment with my OBGYN tomorrow so hopefully we'll hear results from both tests if everything came back normal. I'm a bit nervous and on edge but like I've said in previous posts God wouldn't throw anything at me that I couldn't handle.

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